Water Birth

"Water Birth is one of many lovely ways to enter the world."  Judy Edmunds

What are the Benefits of Water Birth?

Benefits for the mother:

 ♥   Water is comforting, soothing and relaxing
 ♥   Water provides a sense of privacy allowing the woman to let go
      of inhibitions, fears and anxiety 
 ♥   The warmth of the water alleviates pain and promotes the production of
 ♥   The bouyancy of water lessens body weight, allows free movement and
      easy repositioning
 ♥   Promotes more efficient contractions
 ♥   Lowers Blood Pressure 
 ♥   Causes the perineum to become more elastic and relaxed,
      reducing tearing
Benefits for the baby:

♥   Provides an environment similiar to the womb
♥   Eases the stress of birth   


What is your vision of the perfect birth?

Birth Pool Rental


♥   Do you enjoy the comfort and sanctity of a warm bath
     at days end?
♥   Do you envision yourself floating in a warm pool of water
     while laboring?
♥   Would you like for your baby to be gently born into

If you can say yes to the above questions; a water birth may be right for you.



Clients of Abundant Life Midwifery Service have the ability to rent either a Spa-in-a-Box or a Birth Pool in a Box to use for their water birth. 

The Spa-in-a-Box is a heated Spa with massaging jets.  It is easily transported and assembled.  The spa easily reaches and retains the optimal birthing temperature.  Clients are free to use the spa for relaxation prior to labor.

The Birth Pool in a Box is an inflatable pool.  It does not have a heater but water does stay warm in the pool once filled for several hours.  Each client, in addition to renting this birth pool, must purchase a one-time use liner.