My Services

"Deep within each woman lies the Knowledge of how to give birth without outside interventions."  Anonymous

♥   Complete Prenatal Care including Lab Work - 
                      Every 4 weeks through 28 weeks
                      Every 2 weeks through 36 weeks
                      Weekly until birth
♥   Nutritional Counseling
♥   Pregnancy and Childbirth Counseling
♥   VBAC
♥   Ultrasound Referral
♥   Waterbirth if desired
♥   Labor and Birth Support - Midwife and one additional
     licensed midwife will attend
♥   Birth Certificate and Social Security Card filed for you
                                                                                              ♥   Breastfeeding Support
                                                                                              ♥   Newborn Screenings
                                                                                              ♥   Postpartum Care through 6 weeks with Pap Smear